Dirt shirts fill a great niche as an unusual, interesting and handsome gift item for hundreds of gift shops, boutiques, souvenir shops, western wear stores, restaurants, even gardening and hardware stores. The combination of fun, whimsical concept and beautiful, solid color and design make our wholesale custom T-shirts a product that draws attention and sales.

Dirt shirts make unique gifts for birthdays, holidays, special occasions and events. Multiple sales are common as tourists and visitors see dirt shirts as perfect souvenirs for themselves or friends and family out of the state or country. Purchases tend to be impulsive as people are surprised by the products novelty, and feel the need to take one with them.

Many of our vendors come up with their own creative solutions to the challenges of product display using wheelbarrows, piles of dirt, shovels, clay pots, raffia, bales of hay and more. We have designed a free-standing T-shirt display unit that solves many display problems while providing an attractive alternative to standard T-shirt presentation and storage. Our t-shirt display unit is produced from high quality natural poplar wood. The poplar is pre-cut, drilled, sanded and fitted with metal thread wells, which allows the display to be dis-assembled and re-assembled quickly and easily, using only a small wrench which we include.

Standing 8-1/2 feet tall, our T-shirt display unit consists of a shovel-headed T-shirt mannequin on top, which allows a shirt to act as a header and be seen from a distance, and creates a visual draw to the product stand. With two cascading racks on each side for hanging samples, and four shelves for storing 80 to 100 pieces of folded stock, our beautiful display increases interest and sales, and does so while using a conservative amount of precious floor space (2 ft by 4 ft).

Dirt shirts are products based on a strong concept. Their novelty and pleasant color add to their versatility. As a result, they make excellent promotional products. In addition to our standard designs, we produce and print a variety of designs for a wide range of organizations, celebrations, functions, events and more. From one color logo sleevedrops on existing designs for restaurants and shops, to six color full-front custom designs for company picnics or museum exhibitions, we wholesale custom t-shirts can meet your demands for creativity and volume.

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